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The gift of independent travel (Day 50 - 51)

Some thoughts on the first 50 days. It has not surprisingly been amazing.

Those of you who know me know that the fact we are here at all is due to a set of circumstances that I didn't see coming six years ago. The road to this point has not been easy and I will forever be indebted to those who have supported me through, they all know who they are, and you helped make this possible.

Calais Port on a cold and windy 7th of March seems a lifetime away as I sit under the shade of a tree in 27 degree Morocco. The experiences since skiing, walking, cycling, bridges, beaches, mountains, valleys countries, regions, wildlife, markets, restaurants and most importantly people have taught me that independent travel is a gift to be cherished. A lifetime of pre packaged insulated "holidays" would struggle to match the first 50. And the best part? We have 50 more left 😀

I have managed to get into the Moroccan breakfast and we are enjoying our time at Mouley Bouselem the campsite is spread out amongst the trees and as it is not too busy everyone gets their own small field. We walk up to town in the evenings where the sunsets are spectacular.

When cycling about you need to be aware of the traffic on four wheels and four legs.

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