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The Millau Viaduct (Day 18)

Well after a bit of a slow start we got out the Bromptons and went for an explore around Millau. It's a great little place on the river Tarn and I believe before the viaduct it was a regular 5 hour traffic jam on the route south. It has all of the usual features, shops, bars and oversize churches but I liked the rabbit warren streets in the old town.

I loved the house on a broken bridge. We then headed out of town towards the main attraction. The road winds its way up the valley giving great views of the viaduct.

We ended up underneath P3 which is the tallest of the pylons. No wonder Lynn looks small its taller than the Eiffel Tower. The scale of the whole thing is amazing and it has a real aesthetic beauty.

We then cycled across the river and began the huge climb up to P5 where the visitor centre is located. The top section offered great views back into town.

The visitor centre is fantastic giving all of the information about construction both on wall displays and a very good 10 minute video. The centre was very quiet at our visit with only two others in - it was lunch time though. Not much else to say other than I think they are trying to fund the build through the shop 10€ for a mug and 59€ for a thin fleece.

The ride back into town was a dream no pedalling on a smooth quiet road finishing with a quick scoot along the river. Food a couple of errands then up the hill in the truck for the main event - driving over it. €26 paid, me behind the wheel, Lynn behind the camera.

Very impressive from all angles and something I have wanted to do for ages, especially after my mate Arthur came over on his motorbike and raved about it. Southward bound.



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