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Valencia Food & Wine Festival (Day 27 - 28)

Well we set off on the fantastic bike track into Valencia. The scenery was a mix of fantastic beaches, port side landscapes and finally the city itself. They put a serious investment into the cycle tracks typified by this pair of bridges. One for the cars and the other just for bikes.

I spotted a German guy in a small coach that he had converted into a camper - the coach was exactly the same age as me! We are both wearing well 😀 He has toured in it for since conversion and done over 100000km.

The city shows a great face as you ride in with some awesome buildings. The science museum pictures had an auditorium on the outside. Lynn and I stood at opposite ends and could speak to each other as if we stood side by side. It cut out all of the extraneous noise and captured just our voice - fantastic! We made our way through the park, which runs through the centre of the city to the old town, to find the food market. This is a fantastic place every bit as good as the Boqueria but not as crowded.

All that food made me hungry so we found a great place outside for a meal. A walk around the old town was then required to get three courses and a beer down.

When heading back we found an absolutely packed local food and wine festival. You bought a ticket for €10 and this got you a wine glass, a bowl and eight sample tickets. Well, when in Valencia...

The idea was you wander around, talk to local producers about their produce and swap a ticket for a sample. Didn't take me long to get the hang of it 😀🍷 Emma (my daughter) and Matt (her partner) where are you when I need you? Never mind I managed to keep going, and going! Lynn had a go too. Who drinks beer when in Spain?

We still had 12 miles to cycle home. I think they will invite me back next year.

The ride home was a bit of a blur, but we did spot some kite surfers out in force. Now what's for tea? 😀😜🍷

Day 28

Day on the beach today so no photos just relaxing and catching the UV.



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